The Atkinson-Ball College

The Atkinson-Ball College (formerly The Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Healing), was founded by Bill Atkinson-Ball, in the UK, in 1985.

It was founded on the principle that it is the client, not the therapist, who has the answers to their presenting and underlying problems. The therapist is merely a facilitator who, through the elegant utilisation of effective techniques, enables the client to get to the cause, without dragging up their past, and rid themselves of negative conditioning and self-limiting beliefs, to lead a more fulfilling life.

The Atkinson-Ball College has, since its inception, been at the vanguard of effective therapy in the UK and, it is for this reason, that we are dismayed by the current trends.

The government and vested interests, have made it obvious that their agenda is to “dumb-down” hypnotherapy, thus making it as ineffective as CBT, counseling, psychotherapy, drugs, etc. when it comes to dealing with psychological problems. At present, one can take an online, “Complete Hypnotherapy Certification” course, consisting of 9 lectures, lasting a total of 1hr, costing £14.

The problem is, that the general public assumes that hypnotherapy, is hypnotherapy, is hypnotherapy. It isn’t. The market is awash with so-called “Hypnotherapists”, who are ill equipped to deal with deep-rooted psychological problems. Unfortunately, both the clients and the real hypnotherapists suffer.

Although we are not currently running hypnotherapy courses in the UK, we have launched ABC France to take these dynamic techniques abroad.

To think that we are leaving the field, is grossly to underestimate the passion that forms the foundation of The Atkinson-Ball College. We refuse to yield to the self-appointed “experts”, who insist on promoting outdated and pedestrian methods. As such, we are also currently developing a highly streamlined training course, utilising pinpoint-precision techniques, based on decades of experience, which will launch a new era of truly elegant and effective therapy.